Overdrive for UNIVAC I

Peter Z. Ingerman comments:

‘… if any readers of this comment would care to chat about UNIVAC, I’d be delighted to hear from you. In particular, I’m looking for documentation on something called “Overdrive”, that modified a UNIVAC I to allow (under some circumstances) to have three instructions per word, rather than two. I can be reached at pzi@ingerman.org.’

One thought on “Overdrive for UNIVAC I”

  1. Hello !
    I worked for Pacific Mutual Life from 1960 t0 1968 as an electronic technician in the Engineering department which was responsible for the maintenance and repair of the Univac II – later 2 Univac II’s.
    Walter Matoes was an engineer and he devised and built and added to the Univac II circuitry, which, when the switch was thrown, would automatically put the machine in Univac I mode or Univac II.
    I never heard this circuit called an overdrive.

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