IBM 7094 Emulator now runs Fortran IV compiler

I expect most Dusty Decks readers are aware of alt.folklore.computers, but it’s worth noting Rob Storey’s recent post IBM 7094 Emulator now runs Fortran compiler. As I posted in June, Rob has written a IBM 7094 emulator. Through the work of James Fehlinger, the emulator can load and execute the compiler, and then execute the result, at least for a “hello, world” program.*

Rob suggested others might want to get additional programs running on the emulator, and suggested several that are available. Leif Harcke suggested CTSS (M.I.T.’s Compatible Time Sharing System), using the tapes available from Paul Pierce’s collection. I mentioned this to Tom Van Vleck; he took a look at the tapes and lent his enthusiastic support. Rob is happy to make the necessary “hardware modifications” (known as RPQ’s) to the emulator if someone will supply him with a specification.

* As of 2024/05/07 the latest version of the emulator is here:

Updated 2006/03/23: Leif Harcke’s URL changed; 2015/01/07: Rob’s and Tom’s URLs changed; 2024/05/07: Rob’s URL changed to Internet Archive Wayback Machine; footnote added.

One thought on “IBM 7094 Emulator now runs Fortran IV compiler”

  1. I have reel to reel tape with engineering programs from a time share (GE)
    use on Mark III system. Programs are in Basic,FIV,PFN,and ALGOL.
    The tape was made by GE in 1979. I am interested in getting these programs copied, printed out, and converted to Fortran 77 or better for use on PC. Printout format was 132 char. I have printouts of some of the programs. Can you advise me of someone who can help?
    Can the IBM 7094 Emulater help?

    Please advise

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