704 FORTRAN II listing available

I just posted a scan of the three-volume listing of the IBM 704 FORTRAN II compiler to the History of FORTRAN and FORTRAN II web site at the Computer History Museum. This listing was donated to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History by Peter Z. Ingerman. When I last reported on it, I was hoping that an intermuseum loan between NMAH and CHM could be arranged so we could scan the listing ourselves. As it turned out, David K. Allison helped us find a consultant, Nance Briscoe, who performed the scanning on the east coast. I want to thank them, as well as Kirsten Tashev.

This listing complements the later 32K 709/7090 FORTRAN II (scroll down a bit from here for the IBSYS distribution on 7-track tape digitized by Paul Pierce. This version runs on the bare IBM 704, whereas the later version, for the IBM 709 with its more sophisticated I/O system included a Fortran Monitor System, which had been adapted to work with IBSYS.

Update: 2014/05/10: community.computerhistory.org/scc => www.softwarepreservation.org; updated URLs for bios of David Allison and Kirsten Tashev.

Update: 2024/05/08: again updated URLs for bios of David Allison (via Wayback Machine) and Kirsten Tashev.

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  1. Please send me the digitized listing in PDF format for this compiler of FORTRAN II for the IBM 704.

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