A documentary about Alain Colmerauer

Alain Colmerauer – photo from his web site http://alain.colmerauer.free.fr

It’s called An idea crazy enough…..Artificial Intelligence and it’s being developed by Colmerauer‘s friends at Prolog Heritage via a crowd-funded project at Ulele.

Colmerauer died 12 May 2017; the hoped-for tribute this fall has evolved:

The project is a film to portray Alain Colmerauer’s life and work – his contribution to Logic Programming and Constraints Logic Programming – all brought to life through interviews with some of the key participants of his time, complemented by images and documents from the archives. In fact that was the best solution to invite witnesses in this period of sanitary difficulties.

Alain Colmerauer documentary, Ulule

A 20 Euro contribution gets you an invitation to an exclusive preview of the film online; a 50 Euro contribution gets you the invitation, your name in the credits as a donor, and a digital version of the documentary.

Colmerauer’s web site: http://alain.colmerauer.free.fr

Prolog Heritage: http://www.prolog-heritage.org

Prolog and Logic Programming Historical Sources Archive: http://www.softwarepreservation.org/projects/prolog/