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  1. I would like to contact Liz Crews and saw your interview with her. I hosted the first conference for Desktop Publishing on February 15, 1986. Liz was one of the 23 speakers for the event. The other speakers included: Paul Brainerd, Chuck Bigelow, Kris Holmes, Sumner Stone, Scott Kim, Jim VonEhr to name a few. Here is a video about the event: http://www.first-image.com/_necedge/NecEdge_6-14-19.mp4
    I had most of the conference video taped and just recently started reviewing the tapes. I’ll send you links if you are interested.
    It would be fun to chat with Liz. After the conference I sent her some sketches for an application that I thought they should develop. I entitled it, “Freehand PostScript” and she said they were working on such an application which became Illustrator.
    Let me know if you could give me her email and/or phone number.
    Thank you,
    David Healy

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